Gates and Railings from Victorian Classic Style

In Victorian times the creation of attractive and impressive houses was considered very important. The decorative effect of railings, paths and doors were a statement of affluence and well being. As part of the war effort, most railings and gates were removed leaving just their original walls.

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Now, to help restore a beautiful entrance to your home, we have re-created some of the most stunning and popular railing patterns of the Victorian era. Sand cast in iron, employing traditional English craftsmen, our styles are double-sided castings which mean they are just as impressive whether approaching or leaving your home.

Corinthian Line Style - Click to enlarge
Florin Style - Click to Enlarge
Chatsworth Style - Click to enlarge
Canterbury Style - click to enlarge
Brunswick Style - click to enlarge
Red Admiral Butterfly Style- click to enlarge

All our works are tried and tested and have been successfully installed in projects involving English Heritage and the Heritage Lottery Fund. Without doubt our railings will not only give years of pleasure, they will also add value and desirability to your property.

The Victorians in their wisdom were right all along “First impressions do count"

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